How to get Started?

Choose a package based on the square footage of your home and whether it is a 1 or 2 story. Then call us to set up a time for installation. If you have any questions or feel that you would like an estimate for a custom installation, feel free to call us. We ask for a 50 percent deposit before installation of your Christmas Lights. The remaining balance is due upon completion. Any additional lighting, materials, or services you request are due upon completion.
All Christmas decoration packages include one complimentary service call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your projects?
It’s easy, just go to our Pricing & Packages page and choose a package based on the Total Size of your home. Then just call us and set up a date to get your lights installed. Most installations take  a few hours. Our crews will make sure that you are satisfied before the leave your home. An important fact to remember is that we’ll work within any budget, as our success is based partially on our service-oriented flexibility. If the cost is acceptable, we’ll schedule a time to take care of the work.

Once you pick out a package we can always add more lights, wreaths, garlands or figurines. Just let the Project Manager know when the staff arrives and he/she can provide you with ideas, suggestions and a total amount before the crew starts the job.

Do you take the lights down at the end of the season?
Yes. Taking down the displays is part of our service, and it’s included in the quote we provide for you before we start work. We begin taking lights down on January 2nd and continue to do so through the third week of January. We also organize your supplies in your own bins or we can provide them for a fee so that you can easily access them the following year. You pay the takedown fee when the crew shows up to take the lights down.

Is your work guaranteed? 
100%. Our success depends on your satisfaction, and we’ll make changes if you desire them. We are interested in building long-lasting customer relationships, and will gladly provide references per your request.

What if my lights fall down?
Even though our experienced staff will make sure that everything is secure as best as possible the first time, there are things that can happen to lights for a variety of reasons, including wind, rain and other unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs, our professional staff will return to re-hang and/or secure the lights quickly and efficiently for Free. Our crews use Clips, Zip Ties & Staples to Secure your lights.

What if my lights stop working?
The Installation / Labor Only Package comes with a One-Time Free Service Call which covers troubleshooting for Breaker Tripping & will notify the customer of any issues. There will be a $75 per hr fee with a minimum of 1 hour for bulb, fuse replacement and/or troubleshooting.

The Complete Light Package comes with a 100% guarantee which covers troubleshooting for Breaker Tripping, bulb & fuse replacement for free for the entire season.

Do you provide lights and supplies, or will you hang and use mine?
We can do either. If we are going to use your lights and supplies, we ask that you have enough to complete the job, the strands are not tangled and all of the lights work when we arrive to put your display together.

If you don’t have lights, or don’t have enough, we can provide them for a fee and will work with your choice. The same goes for supplies. We’ll work with your existing extension cords, etc., but will happily provide ours for a fee if you need them.

* Please take into consideration that our complete packages include professional heavy duty lights, quality clips, heavy duty extension cords, 3 way connectors and Dual-Outlet Light-Sensing Timers which have a longer life span than what you would typically purchase at your local stores. We offer 100% service on the lights that we provide the first year including fuses, light bulbs etc for the entire season. Plus you KEEP all of the lights and just pay for the labor install the following year.

Why do you charge for Take Downs, Separately?

Because in the past, customers have decided to take the lights down themselves or hire others to do so. It made it difficult to figure out refunds etc. Although it is usually faster to take the lights down, it still requires us to pay our crews, pay for fuel, insurance,  ladders and other materials.

Why does the Material Warranty depend on you putting them up and taking them down?

Some people choose to take the lights down themselves or hire someone else and if they are not careful, the lights can get damaged by yanking or pulling on them. We will carefully take them down, wrap them and store them into the storage bins.

Why should I use your service instead of someone else’s?
You should work with us because we have a legion of loyal and long-standing customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to make your display stand out among the rest, and our professional team will make sure that your display is tasteful, decorative and properly maintained. Plus we have 20+ Years of Experience and we are Licensed, Insured & Bonded!

What areas do you Service?
We proudly serve the San Antonio & Surrounding Areas including Alamo Ranch, Helotes, Pipe Creek, Boerne, Fair Oaks, Stone Oak, Spring Branch, Garden Ridge, Schertz & Cibolo.


If you live in the San Antonio or Surrounding Areas, we would love to install your Holiday Lights.

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