SA Holiday Lighting Installation Agreement

Terms & Conditions of Installation Service

In this Service Agreement “Agreement”, “you” and “your” refer to each “customer.” Including each (agent) you designate to act on your behalf. “SA Holiday Lighting or San Antonio Holiday Lighting” herein shall refer to its business, company, its members, managers, and employees. This Agreement explains our obligations to you, and your obligations to us in relation to the service(s) you purchase. If you designate a person to act on our behalf, you agree that this person is your agent with full authority to act on your behalf with respect to such services and your home. SA Holiday Lighting will not accept a job without a written agreement. Please refer to the accompanying Service Order or specific information regarding the day and time of your requested service (job) specific to your installation. By using our service, you agree to the terms of this agreement, without modification to you.

Estimate: San Antonio Holiday Lighting will provide an estimate of cost and material usage to the customer. The estimate may be written or delivered verbally.
San Antonio Holiday Lighting will use the customer’s verbal description to approximate as closely as possible the described layout; however, San Antonio
Holiday Lighting will not be responsible for any changes in design, product, color, or location after installation has begun. If customer requests changes to any
or all portions of completed work, customer will be responsible for original and changed installation costs. Electrical cords and electrical accessories are
included in the estimated price; however, additional charges will apply for any items to be decorated which extend 50 feet or more from an originating power
source or if excessive or unique electrical supplies are needed. The customer will be notified of any surcharges. For safety and quality purposes, all lights,
electrical cords, and accessories have to be provided or approved by San Antonio Holiday Lighting. The estimate is an approximated price and may vary from
the actual price. Customer requested additions and/or changes to the original estimate may result in increasing the actual price. All pricing discussions must be made directly with the Project Manager or the Office Manager at (210) 625-6440. SA Holiday Lighting’s Field Staff (Installers) are not equipped for calculating final pricing except for the Project Manager. 

Payment: Customer will be invoiced before the crew begins on all New Installations. Payment is due in full immediately after the initial installation (If customer
needs to leave or will not be home, payment can be given to the Project Manager at the time of invoice or checks can be left in the Bin for previous customers).
Payments not received by the due date as stated on the invoice are subject to loss of discounts and a 50.00 per day late penalty. Disputes and charge-backs to
the credit card company will result in a $50.00 fee. Check payments that do not clear the bank will result in a $50.00 return check fee.

Service: SA Holiday Lighting reserves the right to reject service to any property deemed unsafe by SA Holiday Lighting. Pricing includes: 1.
Use of a stated quantity of lights and electrical accessories from the installation date through no later than the end of January the following year. 2. Single-time installation of lights according to a layout planned and approved by the homeowner. SA Holiday Lighting will fasten light strands to fascia boards using
either white or brown metal binder clips or plastic fascia clips and secured with staples where needed including corners and peaks. If standard fastening
methods (such as hot glue guns etc.) are not possible, additional charges may apply. SA Holiday Lighting is not responsible for paint chipping or
staple holes on fascia boards or roofing shingles. SA Holiday Lighting cannot guarantee consistent light bulb orientation due to twisting nature of light
strands. SA Holiday Lighting guarantees that your lights will not hang or fall and will send a crew to re-hang them if such was to occur on all packages.
SA Holiday Lighting also reserves the right to take and use photographs or video of the customer’s property for marketing and media purposes. Take
Down of the lights will be scheduled in January and the take down payment will be due on that day.

Electricity: The homeowner must provide SA Holiday Lighting clear access to safe and adequate electricity commensurate with the volume of lights
requested by the customer. SA Holiday Lighting will require enough free circuits to successfully handle the electrical load of the lighting package. High
wattage devices such as refrigerators or hair dryers must not be tethered to the lighting package circuits. San Antonio Holiday Lighting will not be held
responsible for inadequate, faulty, or overloaded electrical sources at the place of service. If circuit breakers frequently need to be reset, this is often an
indication of inadequate power supply and may require a service call to locate additional clean circuits and redistribute power. Customer may be required to
provide electrical connection from inside the house. Customers requesting large lighting packages may need to consult with their electrician to provide
additional power sources commensurate with package needs. Persistent moisture such as rain will create an increase in electrical resistance up to double the
load of the lighting package in dry weather. If the lighting package frequently resets circuit breakers in wet weather, the customer will be responsible for
providing additional clean circuits to SA Holiday Lighting for redistributing the power load or continue to reset the breakers as needed. Customers
should not tether personal lights or appliances to the lights installed by SA Holiday Lighting as it may result in exceeding fuse or circuit limits and may require a service call and fee.

Service Calls: SA Holiday Lighting will test all lighting at completion of installation and will leave project fully functional. SA Holiday Lighting
will provide customer with a one-time FREE service call between install date and December 23rd; however, a $75.00 per hr fee with a minimum of 1 hour for
service fee will apply to repairs that result from the following: 1. Tampering by animals such as chewing through wires. 2. Changes made by customer such as tethering personal/additional lights to the installation provided by SA Holiday Lighting. 3. Bulb, Fuse replacement and/or troubleshooting of non-working lights, extension cords, timers & connections purchased by customer (Materials that were not provided by SA Holiday Lighting). Restrictions apply to service calls requested between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The Complete Light Packages come with a 100% guarantee which covers all Light Strands, Timers, Extension Cords, Connectors, bulbs & fuse replacement for FREE for the entire season (Incandescent bulbs will only be replaced if 5 or more have burned out.) The above are terms and conditions of sale and must be read and agreed upon as a binding contract!

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