Holiday Roof Light Installation Pricing & Packages

We offer Residential & Business Christmas Roof Lighting – We can either install your own lights or you can Purchase one of the Complete Packages below. ( YOU KEEP ALL OF THE LIGHTS & MATERIALS WITH WARRANTY – Only pay for Labor Installation next year! )

Step 1 – Choose House Square Footage

$100 Christmas Light Add-On Special!

Packages Add-On

Small Tree & Shrub Lighting

You get up to 3 Small Trees or Shrubs Decorated for only $100 when you add it to any of the Complete Packages above.


✔ Mini Light Strings (Any Color)

✔ Extension Cord

✔ Labor to Install Lighting

✔ 3 Year Warranty of Materials

Substitutions available – Speak with your Project Manager and they will help you decide what landscapes to add lights to!

LED Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

What are LED Lights?

Holiday LED Lights (Light Emitting Diodes) are Energy Efficient Lights that are made up of a Crystal instead of a Filament which is found in Incandescent Lights. 

How Long do LED Lights Last?

LED Lights have a Lifetime of about 100,000 Hours which is 3,000% Longer than Incandescent Lights.

Do LED’s Use Less Power than Incandescent Lights?

Yes. LED Lights use about 1/10 of the Power that Incandescent Lights use. We can decorate about 10 Houses in LED’s with the same Power Usage as Incandescent Lighting. You can save up to 80% on Your Electric Bill by using LED’s.

* Warranty – SA Holiday Lighting must put the lights up and take them down for warranty to be effective.


If you live in the San Antonio or Surrounding Areas, we would love to install your Holiday Lights.

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